Socomec USDBP04D50 Multi-Circuit DIRIS DigiBox Pro

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Product Description

The Socomec DIRIS DigiBOX Pro USDBP04D50 Multi-Circuit enclosed metering system is designed to offer a complete and modular metering solution in NEMA1/3R enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. With ease of installation for retrofit applications and factory pre-wired Plug & Play technology, the Socomec DIRIS DigiBOX Pro USDBP04D50 solution provides considerable savings in installation costs. The DIRIS DigiBOX is pre-built to order.

Socomec has been designing energy solutions of over 95 years and are an industry leader in energy efficiency devices. We have been producing digital meters for 33 years.  Our innovations have revolutionized this industry.

Whether the application is critical or a simply verification on consumption we have a revenue grade meter to fit.

Socomec’s newest innovation uses a “plug-n-play” design for both the meter and our 300mV current sensors. This sensor eliminates the need of shorting blocks and provides a higher degree of accuracy. Both the single point and multi-point meter provide .2% accuracy and come standard with RS485, but can be upgraded to Ethernet and BACnet.  And our multi-circuit offering is highly configurable and can meter up to 24 circuits in a single unit.

Socomec’s USDBP04D50 revenue grade enclosed Diris DigiBOX Pro meter is designed for ease of installation metering. Socomec’s plug and play technology makes it ideal for retrofit and original installations


  • 50-520VAC
  • Up to 6000A.
  • 5% system accuracy
  • 120-480VAC supply voltage
  • RS485 Modbus RTU as standard (Modbus TCP and BACnet available)
  • Nema 1 (3R and 4/4X versions available)
  • Enclosure size: 12x12x6
  • Available w/out display
  • Expandable I/O
  • Gateway optional
  • 4 meters 12 circuits
  • Currents, voltages (ph/ph and ph/n), active / reactive/apparent powers, power factor, frequency
  • Voltage / current unbalance
  • Power factor, cos Phi, tan Phi
  • kWH (+-), kvarh (+-), kVAH
  • Load curves
  • Individual harmonics V, U & I (up to rank 63)
  • Voltage dips, cut-offs and surges (EN50160)
  • Overcurrents
  • Alarms


Note: you must purchase RJ12 cables and current sensors seperately.


Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in


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