Red Lion IMS03160 Digital Strain Gauge Meter


Product Description

The Red Lion IMS03160  Intelligent Strain Gage Meter (IMS) accepts low level signals from a variety of bridge-type transducers, such as load cells, pressure transducers, torque transducers, etc. User selectable low (20 mV) and high (200 mV) input ranges and a stable, bridge excitation voltage, that is user selectable 5 V or 10 V at 60 mA, is provided. A two Hz, two pole, low pass filter coupled with programmable digital filtering can be tuned to match the characteristics of most processes. A digital tare (re-zero) operation can be performed at a touch of a button along with recall of process peak and valley (max/min) values. State-of-the-art digital circuitry virtually eliminates errors due to drift. A full complement of option packages are available to fulfill many process applications.

The Red Lion IMS03160 indicator features a choice of two different scaling procedures which greatly simplifies initial set-up. A full 6-digit display accommodates virtually any process-engineering unit. English Style display prompts aid the operator through set-up and operation. A front panel lock-out menu protects set-up data and operation modes from unauthorized personnel. Programmable remote input E1-CON and/or E2-CON, can be utilized to control a variety of totalizing, alarm control, display hold and tare operations. All set-up data is stored in E2PROM, which will hold data for a minimum of 10 years without power. As a standard feature, all units include an integrator (totalizer)/ linearizer

  • 40,000 Count Measurement Resolution (can be scaled to ±99,999 display)
  • Accepts Low Level Inputs from 20 mV to 200 mV Full Scale
  • User Selectable Bridge Excitation ( 5 VDC or 10 VDC)
  • Easy One-Pass Scaling
  • State Of The Art Digital Electronics For Greater Accuracy And Reliability
  • Full 6-Digit, Hight Visibility, 0.56” (14.2 mm) High Red LED Display
  • Programmable Front Panel Lock-Out Menu
  • Integrator (totalizer) And Linearizer
  • Digital Tare (re-zero) and Peak/Valley (max/min) Recording


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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