Megger MIT300 Insulation Tester



Product Description

The Megger MIT300 series features:
Digital or Analogue: The Megger MIT300, MIT310 and MIT320 all feature the popular Megger digital/analogue display. Large 20mm high characters provide very clear readout, combined with an analogue arc for the feel of an analogue instrument, with a true analogue response.
The Megger MIT310A has a moving coil display for those who prefer a real moving needle. Black decals on a white background give high contrast, even in poor light conditions. The Megger MIT300 series has applications in all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical contracting, building maintenance, testing, inspection and servicing. Combining both Insulation testing and continuity testing, each instrument caters for all aspects of fixed wiring installations. Further applications can be found in panel building, testing of motors, generators, switchgear and power tools, street lighting and low volume manufacturing environments etc. All the MIT300 (except MIT310A) range is supplied with a full 3 years warranty.

  •  Extremely easy to use
  •  Tough rubber armoured case
  •  Self contained protective cover
  •  Live circuit warning
  •  Weatherproof to IP54
  •  Intelligent Safety System for protection
  • 250/500 Volt
  • No buried functions mean it is obvious how to use the Megger MIT.
  • Colour coded ranges help test selection, reducing testing time and help with fault location.
  • A user guide in the lid provides all the basic information.
  • Continuity and buzzer testing starts automatically on connection to the circuit.
  • Safety Interlock – prevents unsafe connection of test leads.
  • Live voltage warning – alerts the operator when a circuit voltage over 25 V exists.
  • Safety lockout – Prevents the test from operating when the circuit voltage is >50 V.
  • Continuity check – prevents a continuity test or buzzer test on a live circuit.


Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets.


Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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