Megger MIT230 Insulation Tester



Product Description

The Megger MIT230 is one of the smallest insulation testers available on the market today. With options of a two voltage tester to a three voltage instrument, the MIT230 instruments offer a range of safety and operation features. The display offers a combination of digital readout and analog display, using Megger’s patented DART display technology, which include the benefits of an LCD display, such as robust, clear and accurate measurement, with an analogue pointer response for evaluating circuit charge and discharge characteristics.

The Megger MIT230 housing is a tough ABS designed to withstand the rigors of hard use, whilst small enough to drop into your pocket when not in use. The small size and light weight makes it ideal for those engineers that need to carry them for extended periods

Battery requirements are 6 AA batteries of either standard alkaline or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable type. A low battery warning indicator gives advanced warning of exhausted batteries.

Continuity testing

  • Automatic continuity testing is performed at 200 mA to ensure compliance with international requirements. No need to press the test button.
  • All instruments will measure up to 100 ohm on continuity, of which 0-10 ohm is performed at greater than 200 mA to meet international electrical testing requirements.
  • Lead null is possible with up to 9.99 ohm of test lead resistance, ensuring the ability to null fused test leads as well as standard leads.

Continuity buzzer

  • A continuity buzzer provides a means of rapid cable testing and circuit identification, with voltage protection should you accidentally touch a live circuit.
  • The buzzer operates at a 5 ohm threshold.

Insulation testing

  • The instruments offer one of four configurations as detailed on page 2, providing an ideal solution to most low voltage insulation testing applications.
  • Insulation testing is possible up to 1000 Mohm on all ranges from 250 V upwards.
  • Auto discharge ensures all circuits are safely discharged after testing.



Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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