Crompton INT-1533-L-5-M-001 Digital Metering System


Product Description

The Crompton INT-1533 digital metering system (dms) offers uncomplicated operation and high accuracy measurement of three-phase voltage, current, frequency, Watts, VAr,VA, energy, power factor, and total harmonic distortion of both phase and system, current and voltage. Integra 1530 dms includes true measurement of both line-to neutral, and line-to-line voltages, ensuring accurate readings. 3P/3W, Input Voltage 0-240V L-L, 5 Amp, Aux. Power 100-250 VAC/DC, Analog Out. This DIN 96 panel mounting enclosure offers programming and display of up to 34 power measurement parameters. Optional pulsed, analogue and digital communication outputs, allow the communication of information of up to 50 measured parameters into building management systems. A Windows-based software package is available to remotely configure the Integra dms and display all 60 major parameters.


Displayed Parameters Screen:

  • User Selectable
  • System voltage, avg. current, total power
  • Voltage per phase L-N,
  • Voltage per phase to phase
  • Current per phase
  • System neutral current, frequency & PF
  • Power – kW (Active) & VAr (Reactive),
  • kVA (Apparent)
  • kWh (Active energy)
  • kVAr.h (Reactive energy)
  • Demand A & kW
  • Maximum demand A & kW


Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in


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