Portable and Permanent Instruments for Power Monitoring

Measuring electrical energy can provide valuable information in industrial and commercial environments, conserve energy, improve efficiency and reduce costs overtime. Power monitoring or power measurement can be used for sub-monitoring tenants for billing purposes or machine or plant efficiency. There are two basic types of power monitoring equipment – portable instruments that are used for temporary applications and permanent mount instruments that are for continual use and monitoring.

Portable Instruments for Power Monitoring  

Most portable instruments have two functions. One is for basic power and demand usage and the other is used as a trouble-shooting tool by monitoring power surges, sages, disturbances, power factor, and harmonics.  Some instruments also perform a waveform capture when a disturbance is captured and records the time of the event down to fractions of a second.

Permanent Mount Instruments for Power Monitoring

Installed power monitoring instruments can provide year over year cost savings. These instruments measure how much power is being used throughout your facility. Permanent mount instruments or meters can also be used to detect power-related problems and voltage fluctuations. By detecting power-related issues, meters can also help extend the life of your equipment. These meters log data 24/7, allowing users to be better informed of their systems, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

New DENT PowerScout 12 HD

Recently, DENT released a new product within their PowerScout series, the PowerScout 12 HD meter. This product is designed to monitor multiple independent loads on a single meter within any sized project. The PowerScout 12 HD lowers installation and commissioning costs while providing the benefits of revenue-grade accuracy in larger building environments. Download the PowerScout 12 HD data sheet to learn more.

PMCs Solutions for Power Monitoring

In addition to the full line of DENT products, PMC also carries AEMC, Dranetz, Extech, Sifam Tinsley, Socomec, Crompton and Accuenergy power monitoring and measurement tools to best fit the application.

PMCs solutions include:

  • Application Assistance
  • Complete Solutions
  • Many Brands to Choose From
  • Rental Program for Portable Test Instruments
  • Technical Assistance at Start-Up

Whether you are looking for a portable or permanent power monitoring solution, PMC can help find the right solution for any project size and provide application and start-up assistance. For more information about the energy and power measurement solutions that PMC offers, contact us today.

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