New Setra Industrial Pressure Sensing Product Selection Guide

Searching for the right pressure sensing solution? Setra recently released their new Industrial Product Selection Guide. With this new tool, you can feel confident that you’re selecting the transducer that has the right options, uses the right technology, and is the right overall solution for your application.

This comprehensive solution guide is for:

  • Industrial OEMs pressure sensing
  • Test & measurement pressure sensing
  • Barometric applications

Setra Pressure Sensing Products for Industrial Applications

Setra provides the industrial marketplace with millions of pressure transducers for numerous industrial applications. They specialize in providing solutions for difficult applications. Setra’s industrial transducers accurately measure pressure for many types of media, making it easy for any designer to complete their project ahead of schedule. In the process of creating these sensors, Setra has a lean manufacturing process that implements quality control at every stage. As a result, their products cover a huge span of uses, including:

  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Test & measurement
  • Barometric and custom solutions for OEMs
  • Line of energy management products

Find the right pressure sensing solution for your application, download the new product selection guide. For application assistance or product questions, contact your local PMC sales representative.


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