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At Lakeland and PMC, we are committed to providing system solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. With products and services from Lakeland and PMC, we can help your customer’s processes run more efficiently, extend facility life, and make operations more reliable and consistent. PMC provides the most complete selection of electrical components, solutions, and [...]

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Special Limited Time Offer

Special Limited Time Offer! Take advantage of Extech's current campaign and promotional offers! Get 20% off when you buy any of the following Extech test & measurement instruments between July 1 and September 30, 2017 MG325 - Insulation Tester/Digital Multimeter with Datalogging EX205T - 7-Function True RMS Digital Multimeter DT500 - 229ft/70m Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth® TK430-IR - [...]

2017-07-27T14:20:17-05:00July 27th, 2017|

New Product Launch! Megger MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyzer

New Product Launch! Megger MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyzer  The Megger MPQ1000 Handheld Power Quality Analyzer is an advanced 3-phase analyzer. It is a highly intuitive analyzer that delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform. View RMS data, waveforms, demand data, phase angles, harmonics, unbalance, flicker and more in real time with the MPQ1000 scope [...]

2017-09-22T08:35:57-05:00July 26th, 2017|

Tech Tip: Thermocouple Sensor Installation

Thermocouple Sensor Installation Tech Tip A very common temperature sensor used in all industries is the tried and true thermocouple.  Thermocouples are a very simple device which incorporates the bonding of two dissimilar metals to form a sensor junction.  As this junction changes temperature the millivolt output of the thermocouple changes which is a representation [...]

2017-09-22T08:23:54-05:00July 25th, 2017|

Absolute Process Instruments (API)

Absolute Process Instruments (API) is a diverse designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of standard and custom electronic products. API specializes in signal conditioning products, signal isolators and industrial signal transmitters. API has been a trusted go-to option for PMC for over 30 years. They are American owned, American engineered, and American built! The [...]

2017-10-12T13:44:40-05:00June 23rd, 2017|

Insulation Resistance Testing with PMC Rentals

Insulation resistance testing is a quality control test that is performed on cables to check for any cracks, leaks, or general damage of insulation. This test is analogous to a rubber hose hooked up to a sprinkler in your backyard. If there is a leak, hole, or tear in your hose, chances are your sprinkler [...]

2017-10-12T13:44:12-05:00June 22nd, 2017|

Sub-metering Done Right!

Revenue metering, whether it be in a power plant or in a sub-metering application requires components that are accurate. ANSI-C12.1-2008 is a standard that outlines metering accuracies that are used to make sure costs or charges derived from these measurements are accurate.  Accuracy is perhaps the most important attribute of high-end metering. Revenue grade systems give [...]

2017-10-12T13:53:42-05:00May 15th, 2017|

Supplier Spotlight: Laurel Electronics

Laurel Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures electronic instruments for industrial measurement, control and networking. Laurel programmable transmitters, digital panel meters, electronic counters, industrial timers, bar graph meters, and large digit displays set the standard of the industry with technical features and performance. Laurel Electronics' newest products can be networked via RS485, USB or Ethernet using [...]

2017-10-12T13:59:39-05:00May 12th, 2017|

Fluke Promo!

Buy a Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator and get a FREE Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge! Between May 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017, any customer who purchases a FLUKE-754 Documenting Process Calibrator on a single order from PMC, can receive a free qualifying 700G Pressure Gauge. Select one (1) tool from the list below as [...]

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